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Finding the Perfect Fit: Selecting Healthcare App Developers for Your Digital Solution

Finding the Perfect Fit: Selecting Healthcare App Developers for Your Digital Solution

The digital age has seen a surge in healthcare apps, with the HealthTech market expected to reach $350-$410 billion by 2023. Healthcare businesses can streamline operations with well-designed software. However, choosing the right app developers is crucial and can be challenging. Options for app development include building an internal team, hiring freelance developers, or partnering with a specialised company, each with its advantages and challenges. 

Factors like experience, team composition, communication, and scalability should be considered when selecting a development company. Ultimately, the goal is to use technology for enhanced healthcare outcomes and processes. 


We live in a world where there is an app for everything. If there isn’t one, it is probably in the BETA stage as you read this. The growth of web apps and enterprise software in healthcare is in demand because of their varied applications and use cases. As per McKinsey, the HealthTech market is projected to generate an annual value of $350-$410 billion by 2023. 

Healthcare businesses should utilise this growth and look for opportunities to streamline processes using well-designed software and applications. However, the catch is that not all health app developers are made equal. Choosing the right talent for the job is like looking for a needle in a digital haystack. And that’s where we come in! 

Let us navigate some variables and considerations that will enable informed decision-making when selecting the best healthcare application developers for a digital health solution. This will ensure that the project is in the hands of experts who can effectively and responsibly bring the vision to reality. 

What are your options when building a digital healthcare solution? 

Option 1: Build an Internal Development Team

A development team can be built internally if one wants more control over building a digital health solution.  Costs can be managed effectively, and one can also customise the healthcare enterprise software to a greater degree. 

However, this means assembling a diverse team, given the varied tech expertise required. Time would need to be spent aligning these resources and ensuring output that convinces stakeholders about long-term benefits. Plus, the continuous expenses of maintaining this specialised team when building enterprise software for healthcare services can add up.

Option 2: Hire Freelancer Medical App Developers 

When working on a small, time-sensitive project where quick turnaround and agility in project allocation are critical, hiring a freelance medical mobile app developer is a good alternative. Since they have already worked for other brands in the niche, they will help build the application or software with the knowledge and insight that comes with experience. 

However, there could be problems with collaboration and coordination between internal team members and freelancers. This might affect the project’s cadence, maintenance schedule and system updates, which may affect time to market or customer satisfaction in the long run. 

Option 3: Collaborate with a Specialized Application Development Company

Partnering with the right healthcare enterprise software company can help in various ways: 

A skilled and experienced team is available, specialising in healthcare app development, with set workflows and best practices in place. These can be aligned to cater to your requirements.

Launch times are reduced, thanks to distributed teams, guaranteeing timely updates and a competitive edge in the healthcare industry. 

A diverse range of specialised skills from a pool of professionals is accessible.

While initially a significant expenditure, the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the associated costs, comprising total support from the ideation phase to product launch and future maintenance.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Healthcare Web App Development Company

Many decisions are at play when looking for the right healthcare web app development company. Here are some aspects to consider:

1. Experience and Proficiency - Research their applicable experience, technological aptitude, and track record of successful project delivery in health app development. 

2. Portfolio and Case Analyses - A comprehensive review of the calibre and diversity of their portfolio, particularly projects similar to the project requirements, is equally important.

3. Sector Acumen - Ensure the organisation has a track record of working within the healthcare sector or niche, enabling them to leverage their experience when developing enterprise medical software.

4. Team Composition and Competencies - Check that the team comprises skilled individuals, including developers, designers, and project managers, who can be trusted with the overall development of the digital health solution. 

5. Communication and Collaborative Ability - Ensure that the team has excellent communication channels and an inclination to know the requirements, which are positive indicators of their potential.

6. Project Management Process - Understanding their project management processes, turnaround times, timeframes, and approach to dealing with issues is critical.

7. Reputation and Testimonials - A thorough examination of trustworthy web reviews, testimonials, and ratings that reflect client satisfaction and tangible outcomes is strongly advised.

8. Scalability and continuous assistance - Evaluate their ability to scale and provide regular, proactive, and timely assistance.

9. Quality Assurance and Testing Protocols - A deep dive into their testing protocols can help ensure optimal app performance, security, and usefulness.

10. References and Endorsements - Obtaining references and recommendations from trustworthy sources is an excellent way of learning about the experiences of people using their services. This is the genuine validation of the company's overall capabilities.


Choosing the right path for healthcare app development is crucial. Whether building an internal team, hiring freelancers, or partnering with a company, each option has pros and cons. 

To make an informed choice, healthcare service providers and entrepreneurs looking to build a digital health solution in the evolving marketplace need to weigh these options carefully, considering factors like expertise, scalability, communication, and more.

Looking for a Web App Development Company to build the right healthcare software for you? 

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Key Takeaways

  1. The HealthTech market is projected to reach a significant value of $350-$410 billion by 2023.
  2. Well-designed software can help healthcare businesses streamline their operations.
  3. The quality and expertise of health app developers can vary, making selection crucial.
  4. Three primary options for app development are building an internal team, hiring freelancers, or collaborating with a specialised development company.
  5. An internal team offers control and customisation but requires diverse tech expertise and has ongoing costs.
  6. Freelancers offer flexibility for small projects, but it may be difficult to collaborate with them in the long run. 
  7. Specialised companies bring expertise, reduced launch times, and various specialised skills.
  8. When choosing a development partner, considerations should include experience, sector knowledge, team competencies, communication, and scalability.
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Dr. Lakshmi Vaswani

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