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Revolutionise Your Revenue: The Unseen Profit Power of SaMD! The Strategic Impact of SaMD on Healthcare Profitability

Revolutionise Your Revenue: The Unseen Profit Power of SaMD! The Strategic Impact of SaMD on Healthcare Profitability

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is revolutionising healthcare, offering precision, operational efficiency, and new revenue avenues. SaMD operates purely through software, aiding diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. Dive in to understanding its business value, how it impacts revenue, and how Montar can help you leverage its potential.


The right healthcare IT solution can supercharge operations, improve outcomes accuracy and boost patient interactions. So, it’s not surprising that integrating software with care delivery has the undeniable potential to enhance revenues as well. 

While the terms "medical device software" and "software as a medical device" (SaMD) often seem interchangeable, they have distinct differences vital for healthcare software development. Medical Device Software is embedded within specific medical equipment, enhancing its functionality, like pulse oximeters or digital thermometers. In contrast, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) operates independently, serving direct medical purposes such as diagnosis, remote monitoring, treatment or process automation without being part of any hardware.

In short, while medical device software works in tandem with physical devices, SaMD functions purely through software. 

When building digital health solutions, advances in SaMD development streamlined processes with improved efficiency and accuracy - which has benefited revenue cycles for stakeholders, let’s take a deeper look at how they do so! 

Business Value of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) 

“ Now, let's talk numbers. Improved care delivery isn't just beneficial for patient outcomes—it's profitable. When patients feel they're receiving expert care bolstered by cutting-edge technology, like SaMD, they're more likely to remain loyal to that healthcare provider. Retention rates soar, but it doesn't stop at patient loyalty. Enhanced care delivery can also translate to fewer readmissions, more accurate diagnostics, and swifter treatment plans—all of which positively impact the bottom line,” says Dr Aakash Doshi, CEO of Montar. 

Let’s break down how using these software solutions can give healthcare organisations a good return on their investment. 

1.Improved Patient Outcomes

SaMD enhances the precision and accuracy of healthcare decisions. Consider automated diagnostics that analyse a patient's symptoms and medical history, then suggest a preliminary diagnosis. Consider a dermatology software detecting melanomas; it not only facilitates early interventions but also reduces costly complications or treatments down the line. Satisfied patients are more likely to return and refer, increasing patient volume and, by extension, revenue.

2.Enhanced Operational Efficiency

SaMDs play a crucial role in simplifying complex processes. Consider a teleconsultation SaMD that integrates patient history, current medications, and real-time patient-doctor video interaction. A cardiologist can then remotely monitor a patient’s heart rhythms in real-time, immediately addressing any concerning changes. Tools that streamline patient-doctor interactions, as with the cardiologist example, can allow doctors to see more patients in a given day, thus increasing billable consultations and services.

3.Data-Driven Decision-Making

SaMDs empower professionals with actionable insights drawn from vast datasets. For instance, a SaMD might analyse thousands of MRI scans to detect patterns, assisting radiologists in identifying rare conditions that might be overlooked by the human eye alone. Accurate diagnostics can decrease liability costs and increase the volume of successful treatments, thus elevating the facility's reputation and attracting more referrals.

4.Increased Revenue Opportunities

SaMDs open doors to previously unexplored avenues. A primary care practice might employ a SaMD offering telehealth consultations, thus reaching patients in remote areas without immediate access to clinics, thereby expanding their patient base.

5.Competitive Advantage

SaMDs offer a unique edge: Being at the forefront of technology attracts a broader clientele seeking the latest options. For example, a rehabilitation centre using a SaMD that provides virtual physiotherapy sessions using AR/VR technology can set them apart by offering more engaging recovery exercises for patients.

6.Cost Savings

Efficiency often translates to cost-effectiveness. A hospital might adopt a SaMD to remotely monitor post-operative patients remotely, reducing the need for prolonged hospital stays and thereby decreasing associated costs.

7.Improved Interoperability

SaMDs designed to sync with various healthcare systems are gold. Consider a SaMD that pulls data from wearable heart rate monitors and in-house ECG machines, consolidating this data for a comprehensive view of a patient's cardiac health. This streamlined process means professionals can attend to more patients or tasks, maximising their service billing potential.

Medtronic transformed patient care with its digital heart monitoring service, FocusOn™, achieving 50% IT budget savings and an 80% decrease in the amount of data clinicians had to review while successfully managing over 450,000 monitoring sessions.

8.Enhanced Patient Experience

SaMDs often elevate the overall patient journey. A diabetes management SaMD, for instance, that offers holistic care can potentially introduce subscription models or premium features. Additionally, enhanced care quality can lead to patient loyalty, ensuring consistent revenue from returning patients and their referrals.

By incorporating protocols to assess patients' technical readiness, providing multilingual instructions, and utilising a technology platform, Mayo Clinic's large-scale COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring Program achieved a high patient engagement rate of 78.9%

Maximising ROI with Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) 

For healthcare organisations venturing into SaMD, it's crucial to strategise effectively to get the best return on investment:

Needs Assessment: It begins with understanding the organisation's unique challenges. The right SaMD solution should be tailored to address these specific needs and align with broader goals.

Practical Implementation: Merely acquiring the software isn't enough. Proper setup and integration within existing systems are crucial for optimal functionality.

Staff Training: The potential of the software is realised when the staff is proficient in its use

Routine Evaluations: It's essential to review the software's performance periodically. This helps in ensuring compliance and adapting to the evolving healthcare environment.

Staying Updated: As the healthcare landscape changes, the SaMD should be nimble, adapting to new requirements and shifts in the sector.


As the healthcare sector evolves, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is not just riding the wave — it's making them! Smart integration of SaMD can be a game-changer for healthcare providers, not just in patient care but also in financial returns. In a world where tech meets health, those who leverage SaMD smartly will see their care—and cash flows—go further.

Looking to Harness the Power of SaMD?

Montar, with its proven expertise in healthcare IT and software development, is your ideal partner. Contact us to learn more!

Key takeaways 

  • SaMD and medical device software, while often conflated, serve distinct purposes in the healthcare sector.
  • Enhanced patient outcomes via SaMD can drive increased patient loyalty and boost revenue.
  • Operational efficiency achieved through SaMD allows for increased billable consultations and services.
  • Data-driven decisions backed by SaMD can minimise liabilities and maximise successful treatments.
  • SaMD offers novel revenue streams by reaching patients in remote locations or offering premium features.
  • Staying ahead in tech adoption, like AR/VR in physiotherapy, gives a competitive edge.
  • Effective integration and continuous evaluation of SaMD are vital for maximising ROI.
  • Partnering with experts like Montar ensures a strategic and tailored approach to SaMD implementation.



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Dr. Lakshmi Vaswani
Dr. Lakshmi Vaswani

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